Glo 4G-LTE Data Plans & Prices

Gl9 4G-LTE Data Plans

I guess now, it’s longer news that Glo has launched their 4G-LTE network, since to fore a weapon you first have to load the bullets, let’s checkout the plans available to really make this 4G-LTE thingy something beneficial to us.

Glo 4G-LTE data plans are not that different in price and data allocation form their current 3G plans. I guess this will make them the cheapest 4G-LTE provider in Nigeria right now.

The plan comes in daily, 5-day, weekly and monthly plans as you can see from the list below. Whether you just quickly want to get something from the internet, a ‘heavy data user’ or a ‘very heavy data user’ like myself, there’s a Glo 4G-LTE plan of considerable price for you.

As of writing this there’s yet to be a short/sms code for the 4G-LTE plans but they all can be seen at the Glo 4G-LTE USSD menu when you dial *777*1#

Daily Plans

  1. 30MB
    • Price: N50
  2. 60MB
    • Price: N100

5-day Plan

  1. 200MB
    • Price: N200

Weekly Plans

  1. 1.6GB
    • Price: N500

Monthly Plans

  1. 3.2GB
    • Price: N1000
  2. 7.5GB
    • Price: N2000
  3. 10GB
    • Price: N2500
  4. 12GB
    • Price: N3000
  5. 18GB
    • Price: N4000
  6. 24GB
    • Price: N5000
  7. 48GB
    • Price: N8000
  8. 60GB
    • Price: N15000
  9. 90GB
    • Price: N18000

There it goes! Are the prices reasonable? Which plan fit your needs? Which plan will you be buying? I love feedback so do let me know in the comments section.

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