How To Send Files Wirelessly Across Android, iOS, Windows, Linux & Mac Devices

Feem File Transfer

Have you ever been in the position of wanting to wirelessly send files between one or more of your devices no matter the operating system? Be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Linux and you couldn’t find a working solution? Well, lemme introduce you to the world of Feem.

Feem is a software application available for all of the above mentioned operating systems and let’s you transfer files wirelessly using a Wi-Fi connection irrespective of internet connectivity.

The only requirement for Feem aside the app being installed on both devices is that the devices you wish to send files between are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On Android, turning on your Wi-Fi hotspot (whether or not mobile data is turned on) and connecting other devices to it works too. If you use a MiFi device or a Wi-Fi router, all well and good.

I’ve been using Feem v3 for months to transfer files between my Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04 and my Android devices, then, recently, the developers released Feem v4 as a separate app and not an update of the v3. You will notice this because the two versions do not support themselves as you’ll need a v4 (on any device) to send files to a v4 (on any device).

Feem v4 comes with a nicer and smoother UI and is better implemented (especially on the Android version which I’ve been using). On v3 you could not share files from other files-manager/gallery apps but with v4, it’s as easy as ABC.

The most important part of it all is that Feem is FREE! Though there are some options that requires you buying the Pro version to unlock, for example, choosing a custom storage path or changing the name other devices see you as (your device is assigned a forest-themed name on install).

I almost forgot to mention the “Chat” feature of Feem. The feature let’s you send text messages between connected devices. Meaning with Feem, once connected to same Wi-Fi you can chat with anyone irrespective of internet connectivity.

The chat feature also comes in handy for me since often times, while offline and writing an article I’ll want to send the article over to another device and continue writing and Feem helps with that.

Feem is very easy to use once you’ve launched it, you wouldn’t find any hassles knowing your way around.

Need I mention Feem is developed by a Cameroonian, Fritz Ekwoge.



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