Scam Alert: Do Not Fall For This Email That Claims to be From GTBank


There are very numerous methods applied by scammers. I believe should be in the tone of hundreds on a daily basis. I’ll always try to reveal any one I come across and today, I’ll point my focus on this one that was sent directly to my email account over the weekend.

The email claims to be from one of Nigeria’s leading banks, Guarantee Trust Bank but I’ll show you proof that it really isn’t originated from where it claims it is. First take a look at the email…

GTBank Scam Email

Now to the scrutiny, notice that…

  1. The email doesn’t doesn’t originally come from GTBank as the sender only set his name to replicate that of the bank which is usually [email protected] but the senders real email is [email protected]
  2. The email tells us to download the attachement and fill in the data. Notice the attachment is a HTML document which no bank will send to a customer.

Now, we open the document… The funniest part.

GTBank Scam Attachment

  1. Notice the request for really personal data. No bank will ask for anything more than your User ID by proxy. Banks only ask security questions about to verify the owner but not things like password, token ID, secret question and answer, email address and password etc

Looking at the source code of the HTML document, you’ll find out….

GTBank Scam Email Attachment Source

The form actually submits the data when you submit it to No way on earth that can be the official GTbank website.


So please, next time take care to inspect an email before taking actions and make sure to call your bank’s customer care help desk if you’re in doubts. No one wants to loose their hard earned money more so this period that the economy is hitting hard.


Received any of such emails? This article helped? Do let me know in the comments below.

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