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iTunes App Store Now Bills Nigerians in Naira

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Before now, iTunes App Store users in Nigeria, like some other countries have been billed in the default currency of the App Store, United States Dollar. But Apple have decided to change that for Nigeria as well as 7 other countries.

The countries affected by this change includes Egypt (Egyptian Pound), Kazakhstan (Kazakhstani Tenge), Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit), Pakistan (Pakistani Rupee), Philippines (Philippine Peso), Qatar (Qatari Riyal), Tanzania (Tanzanian Shilling), Vietnam (Vietnamese Dong) and of course Nigeria (Nigerian Naira).

This means that if you are from any of these countries, prices for paid apps will now be listed in your local currency. As for developers, they will also get paid based on the local currency, although given that currency does fluctuate every so often, it means that you might not always get the same rate as before.

We’re not sure if this also means that some apps could end up being cheaper or more expensive, so users will have to check for themselves. This shouldn’t really have too big of an impact, but if you live in a country where your local currency against the USD isn’t particularly strong, then this could be a welcome change.

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