I should be feeling like a celebrity right now that you’ve decided to read about me, I must confess I’m humbled.

I know I need to put up a good article about me on this page but I’m sorry if the points seem scattered because I’m just going to write the way things pop into my head.

I am Emmanuel Bridge Analike, a Nigerian kid in his early 20s who studies Computer Science at the University of Port Harcourt. Truth is, I started studying the science of computers criminal way before college.

Emmanuel is a cool headed (my mum might disagree) easy going funny guy that makes friends (and also cuts them) easily. Can’t really say about my being funny though, but I feel like the world’s best comedian when talking to friends, maybe they’re giving me false impressions.

Don’t know whether to use “Emmanuel” now or use “I” but whichever of them, this boy writing this loves gadgets. I mean LOVES to the letter and likes to be updated even to the minute about the happenings in the tech world.

I am a web developer with not many works to my resume, maybe I shouldn’t qualify myself as one but I think developing the blog/music/video websites Waploaded.com (2012), NetNaija.com (in 2013 with periodic updates, last one in May 2016) as well as developing the file hosting NetFiles.ng (in Feb 2016) also maintaining it qualifies me as one.

Next vision is app development, i hope i remember to update this page when I’m done.

About E.Analike Blog

E.Analike Blog is my online diary where I intend to share the little things I learn, my experiences as well news and tips from the gadgets and technology world. Forgive me if I don’t tend to update as frequently as I would want to or as you might have expected.

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Happy Reading!